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For Release: Golf
Expected Release Date: March 18th, 2012.

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    GPS Coordinates

    A new algorithm is now in place to not only increase the speed of Maps, Nearby Maps, and Nearme functionality, but also to help save GPS data to your listings which don't already have them. Some MLS Sources already send us GPS data. For those of you who fall into this category, you won't see much of a change here aside from faster maps.


    Framework Update

    The framework we use is getting a huge boost. There are a lot of small (and sometimes unnoticable) changes coming through. These should greatly help older phones work on the system. Furthermore, this update increases the efficiency and overall flow of your site.

    Taking it a bit further, we've used the last twelve months of your Google Analytics statistics to discover what your visitors actually want. We've redesigned navigation, themes, and overall performance to meet the demands of your potential leads.


    Changes To Images

    The way we display images has been overhauled. All images now load after the page has loaded. This severely increases the page-to-page load time, and keeps your visitors off a "loading screen". No one likes loading screens.


    Thank You!

    As per our company policies and beliefs, we will never charge you for ANY system-wide upgrades such as the ones described above. We enjoy making our system better, and refuse to let our system idle in still water. We believe that your on-going patronage to our services justifies the work we put into this system and personally assure you that your Mobile App will always be at the cutting-edge of technology.

    If you have an idea for our system, please email us. Your support of and feedback on Barcode Realty keeps your site miles ahead of your competitors. Most of the changes you see listed above were recommendations, suggestions, and/or requests from people just like yourself. We love hearing from you.

    If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact us.

    - Anthony M. Powers,
    Chief Technical Officer